Cleveland Business Centre

Serviced Offices

The serviced office industry is one of the fasted growing sectors in the European property market. Since the global recession, many businesses opt to use them because of their cost efficiency, flexibility and practicality.


Cleveland Business Centre provides a solution to this problem, allowing businesses of any size to establish their presence in the Cleveland and the North East and Nationally.


What is a Serviced Office?


A serviced office – provides a total office solution that’s ready to use. CBC as operators take on the responsibility of maintaining the building and also provide additional services and facilities. This gives you the freedom to come and go in a short space of time and makes them accessible even if you have budgetary constraints.


The primary difference between serviced offices and conventional offices is the way they are used. Our leases for a serviced offices range between short term and may only last for a few months; however, long-term leases can be drawn up and tailored to your specific requirements. Serviced offices provide a much greater sense of flexibility because you can quickly and easily change your premise size depending on your business requirements.


CBC Serviced offices can be configured to suit your own personal needs and can significantly vary in size – from a single desk to multiple offcies. If you manage a large-scale business, you can even adjoin offices to accommodate larger amounts of staff. They may also contain shared amenities with other rented offices. This allows you to have access to an infrastructure that you may not have otherwise been able to afford.


Who uses Serviced Offices.


CBC Serviced offices are suitable for a vast array of organisations. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they are purely designed for small businesses. In today’s market that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Large Businesses


It can be difficult for even large-scale businesses to predict profit margins, so committing to a long-term lease agreement is not always a viable option. Large companies will often use serviced offices as a short-term office solution so they don’t have to pay out excessive overheads.


Small to Mid-Sized Businesses


Small to mid-sized businesses regularly use serviced offices to give them the same resources, facilities and opportunities as their more “upscale” competitors.


Home Based Business


Home based businesses often rent serviced offices as the first step in their property strategy. Again, this provides the facilities for expansion without resulting in excessive costs.


Global Businesses


Global companies that want to expand and set up Head Offices or Regional offices may use a serviced office to get their business off the ground in a short space of time.


Temporary Workspace


Using a serviced office as a temporary workspace means that the flow of business continues uninterrupted if another property isn’t accessible. For example, if renovations are in progress.


CBC Serviced offices are ideal if you aren’t sure about the future of your business and how much capital you can put aside for an office space.


  • Are you unsure about your company’s growth rates?
  • Do you need a temporary work space while you relocate your business?
  • Are you finding it difficult to manage your current premises?
  • Do you want a prestigious working address in central Middlesbrough?


Are you unable to afford a conventional office space or commit to a long-term contract?


If the answer to any one of these questions is “yes,” then a CBC serviced office is just what you need.


Prestigious Address


It’s no secret that image is one of the most important aspects of business. Having an address located in the centre of Middlesbrough can not only enhance your professional reputation, but can provide better networking opportunities.


The benefits of Serviced Offices


Business Growth


Having to organize premises, communications departments, and general management can take up a great deal of time, effort and money. These services are provided with CBC serviced offices, allowing you to focus your efforts on business growth.


Simple Contracts


Lease documents can not only be difficult to understand, but can result in further expenditure in legal consultation. CBC Serviced offices are designed with simplicity in mind. This is reflected in our license agreements, which are usually no longer than one page. Everything is written in plain English and avoids unnecessary clauses that may be present in a conventional lease agreement.


Think about the money you will have to spend if you hire a solicitor to comb through a 75 page conventional lease agreement. These costs will add up, especially if negotiations and changes need to be made.




Accurately predicting profit margins is difficult, so committing to a lease agreement for a conventional office may result in long term financial issues. CBC Serviced offices can be available for anything between one month and 12 months and more; and have renewable agreements. This means CBC can provide a temporary working environment without interrupting the flow of business.


Growth Flexibility


It can be difficult to accommodate growth if you have limited office space. CBC Serviced offices give you the opportunity to adapt the size of your premises and staff requirements according to your company’s growth.


Payment Flexibility


If you rent a conventional office space you will be expected to pay rent quarterly in advance. CBC serviced offices payment can be negotiated on a monthly basis, which can free up your cash flow. Most of CBC extra amenities and services are charged on a “pay as you use” basis, which can result in significant savings and reduced upfront costs.


On-Site Services


CBC serviced offices have a body of staff ready to keep your workspace up and running. This can save time, money and hassle, as you don’t have to go through the gruelling process of hiring staff to conduct non-core but important business duties, such as cleaning, security, customer service, maintenance and secretarial support.


Serviced Offices - On site services


High-Tech Equipment


Purchasing office equipment will take a massive dent out of your finances. From telecommunications to kitchen facilities; high-tech equipment are provided by CBC serviced offices, allowing you to bypass purchasing and have access to equipment that would have otherwise been out-of-reach.


Networking Opportunities


Networking is one of the most important elements of “good business.” Having other companies residing in the same building can encourage cross-communication. This is especially beneficial if you run a small to mid-sized business and are still trying to make your mark in the industry.


Administration Efficiency

CBC provide a single consolidated invoice on a monthly basis. This will include both the cost of rent and any additional services and facilities that you have used throughout the month. This can save your accounting department a huge amount of time, effort and money.


Pay-Per-Use Facilities

Having the option to use conference rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, etc. can be hugely beneficial. If you don’t require these facilities on a permanent basis, you can save a huge amount of money in rental fees.


Common Features


CBC serviced offices share the same common features. Having facilities provided and ready for use can save time and lead to substantial savings.


Services and Facilities


The services and facilities that are provided are clearly written up in your license agreement with their terms of use. The rules and regulations can vary depending on your specific requirements.


Leisure Facilities


If you want access to leisure facilities, such as a gym, swimming pool and squash court, either choose an office space that provides them within the building or find a location that has nearby facilities within walking distance.


The Influence of the Working Environment


Never underestimate how much the working environment can effect employee satisfaction. According to The Work Foundation, a bad working environment influences up to 51% of employees to leave their jobs; in addition, 85% of employees state their working environment inhibits their creativity. Having a CBC serviced office located in a central Middlesbrough with access to amenities and transport connections can boost employee satisfaction, which could significantly increase profits.




Studies conducted by the UK Chartered Institute of Purchasing state that businesses will often reduce costs by up to 78% when they use a serviced office.